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Kidtober Tweetup

For the young and young at heart, come on out to the Family Friendly Tweetup. We’re going Pumpkin Picking at Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach on Saturday October 18, 2008 at 10:00am. Sign up on the Upcoming event page so we know how many to expect. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

Pa's pumpkin Patch off PCH and 2nd Street


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Football and Food

Ok, the October Tweetup will be at EJ Malloy’s, Bixby Knolls on 10/11/08. Usual time of 7pm till whenever. Details on Upcoming. Don’t forget to sign up for the group so you can stay in the know.

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October Tweetup Poll

Choices choices people! Though if it is at EJ’s you ‘SC fans can watch the game and socialize at the same time. I’m just sayin’.

Vote in the comments:

  1. EJ’s (Gorgonzola fries anyone?)
  2. Tailgate party for a USC game (need someone to host)
  3. Pool (Billiards)
  4. Trattoria Limone on Orange at Wardlow
  5. Kinoya for sushi
  6. get @JsonStone to find us a place to get our groove on
  7. other – write in your vote.
  8. Number 9 Noodle house on 4th (retro row)

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on the left: @davidmartinez, Leslie, @daveconrey, and Paul. On the right @niecee, @Jonathan360, @missmotormouth. @daNanner took the pic.

Last night was a pretty awesome tweetup. Conversation flowed easily from all topics ranging from where we worked, SEO (we actually understood each other!), green-ness, photography (go figure), football (Niecee kept getting up to check the score) and @jonathan360’s commercial with Tony Hawk.

Everyone who attended (and even those who didn’t but wanted to) please leave your impressions in the comments. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, DM me and I will make you an author on this blog.

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